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The road can be a dangerous place. While almost every day, and hopefully every single day, or your driving career you will have a safe drive there is the possibility of an accident. Sometimes accidents are little fender benders, but other times they can cause incredible damage to your car and yourself. There is also a chance that your car may be broken into, which is a pain regardless if there was anything stolen. Something that can help protect you is a dash cam. While a dash cam won’t stop things like this from happening, it can help with the aftermath. Here are five reasons why installing a dash cam is a great idea!

Evidence of an Accident

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you try to protect yourself or how well you drive, accidents happen. When they do having a dash cam means that you have evidence for the police and your insurance company that will help protect you against any possible arguments over fault. If you get injured in the accident, it will also be irrefutable proof of the severity of the crash and your injuries.

Evidence of a Theft or Break-in

If you leave your car parked in your driveway at night or have to leave it somewhere unfamiliar, there is a chance that someone will break into your car. Not only will a dash cam possibly protect against a break-in, if the robber sees it before they start their break-in, but it also provides evidence that you can take to the police if the break-in does occur.

Easy to Report Dangerous Drivers

Sometimes when you’re driving along someone will do something incredibly dangerous. Whether it is an incident of road rage or a speeder who is weaving in and out of traffic like a maniac, what they are doing on the road is illegal and may cause severe crashes. Having a dash cam means that you can report this driver to the police which will help protect the street from them in the future.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

While it is hard to imagine some people would do such a thing there are people out there who cause accidents on purpose. Whether it is pulling out in front of you so that you hit them, or causing fender benders, their goal is to extort money from their insurance company or you. Having video evidence can protect you from such individuals and help the police charge them.

They Have So Many Other Features

Modern dash cams are not just recording devices for you to protect yourself. They now come with GPS features and monitor things like speed, which is also recorded in the video feature so that you have a record of how fast you were going if you happen to get pulled over by the police. They also work well to help you park if the nose of your car is long.

Dash cams can really help you if you end up in a dangerous situation, and they can make your time in the car generally easier. Consider purchasing one today and protect yourself.


All credit goes to Cobra Car and Truck Accessories