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Window tinting – is there anything it can’t do?

Yes, plenty. But what it does do is pretty great.

truck window tinting mississauga…and maybe most importantly, it makes the car or truck look good. Really good.

For the cost of around $240 for an average 4 door sedan (with a lifetime tint warranty included), there is very little else you can do to have such a pronounced impact on the appearance of your car.

Window tinting needs curing time to ensure the best possible adhesion to the windows, and choosing the right time of year can help improve the application process immensely.

The best times of year to invest in your window tinting:

Why is spring the #1 time to get windows tinted?

The mild temperatures and generally low humidity (early spring) give the best possible adherence to the windows.

Many customers opt for summer tint installation, and we’re usually booked solid for the summer months. But we prefer spring or fall installations for the reasons listed above.

The 3 most important window tinting questions to ask your installer.

Window tint installation mississaugaWe want you to work with us, but if you decide to price out some other service providers, make sure you ask these three questions.

  • What is the window tint warranty?

We generally advocate for the 5 year warranty rule. Never settle for anything less than a 5 year warranty. In most cases, a lifetime warranty can be purchased for a small amount more and, for many customers, it’s worth the extra cost for peace of mind.

  • How is the tint cut?

Window tint is cut in two ways. By hand (on the vehicle) or by computer. The most accurate method is the computer method. It is laser precise and completely eliminates the chance of a human error. This is one scenario where a robot stealing a human job is a good thing.

  • How is it applied?

The best window coverage comes from removing the door panels, including the rubber seal at the bottom of the window. By removing the panel and rubber, your installer can clean the glass and achieve a greater seal. If they don’t, you risk bubbles and shifting after the install.

We adhere to all these best practices, and your tint will look just like it was applied by the manufacturer.

Call today to schedule your tinting appointment or stop by our showroom to talk about how dark you want to go.